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Amazing Ideas For Your Next Retargeting Ads Campaign

Jun 30, 2020

Retargeting banner ad campaigns is a popular phenomenon with B2B and B2C online marketers. Now 2 in 7 marketers have allocated budget exclusively for retargeting ads. Well the retargeting of ads is getting adopted by online marketers as they work, and the statistics speak for themselves, just like seen in the infographic from Pro Web.

But, there is much more in retargeting campaigns apart from showing just ads to online visitors previously visiting your website. Whether you’re employed in a SaaS company, with e-commerce or in other branch of sales and marketing, retargeting method can be used in remarkable ways. Here we’ve gathered some points that will give you some inspiration for next retargeting campaign.

1. Retarget Every Sales Stage

Creating a retargeting strategy that aiming to visitors and leads in every stage of the sales funnel, so can be utilized effectively in businesses with longer sales cycles. Build display ads to help in nurturing the leads from your sales pipeline straight from the awareness stage until purchase making stage.

2. Previously Viewed Content

If a visitor left the shopping cart; view a product without purchasing or landed on a page without converting? Ensure they come back and transform into prospect customers by having a reminder of what they are missing out on. Those retargeting banner ads, can add product images they have viewed or content they considered worth downloading. One can use BannerFlow’s easy-to-use drag and drop dynamic feed feature to display product feeds and make your banners more appealing and engaging to viewers that you target during retargeting campaigns.

3. Build Campaigns with Lists

Have a trial of retargeting segmented lead lists that have been on your website previously, and still present in your database or marketing automation platform. You can segment leads in several ways like location basis, sales cycle stage or interest based on the web pages viewed on your website.

After the leads get segmented, you can create different retargeting banner ads that are appealing to the leads in each segment. Building different retargeting banner ads that are relevant to leads in your segments means that building more ads variation, which could be a lot of work.

4. Retarget Email Opens and Clicks

Are you looking to try something new by thinking outside the box, retarget customers who have opened your emails, but have not taken action like purchasing a product. Retargeting opened leads or clicked on your promotional emails would be helpful for bringing customers back. It will also help to boost your email marketing efforts.

5. Don’t Forget to Retarget Customers!

The campaign retargeting must not be limited to visitors who have not made a purchase yet. Try retargeting your customers in some other ways like running campaigns for up-sell and cross-sell or target customers due for contract renewal, and retarget customers not returning for making another purchase. Offer a discount or something valuable to them for free to make them feel like valued customers, and encourage positive attitude towards your brand.

6. Use Discounts and Offers

There might be some instances where some visitors close to purchasing abandon their shopping carts for some reason or other, and they haven’t made the purchase. Try banner ads containing a discount or offer to entice them back onto website and make a purchase. Always know that marketers recommend being careful when using discounts and other similar offers as it may get customers become accustomed of getting discounts, or will reduce the real value of your product or service.

7. Behavioural Triggers

Create an online display advertising campaign focused on actions as triggers. You can also showcase a different banner designs to visitors dependent on their previous teaken actions.

This also means creating a number of creative’s with different designs and texts to ensure that you select a banner production platform letting you easily scale up your campaigns.

8. Personalized CTA

Always try A/B testing different call-to-actions in your next retargeting online banner campaign to see which works the best. Here you can optimize the banners by CTA customization suitable for viewers; personalized CTAs convert 45% better than non-personalized ones!

9. Align Content and Offers

Make your retargeting campaign a streamlined process. Ensure that retargeting ads viewed by the person relates in some way to the action they previously took. This would be helpful for prospects to heighten their engagement and move them closer towards a sale.

Those working in e-commerce may require an offer relevant to items that the user had been looking in their last visit. Building relevant ads through retargeting is helpful for increasing click-through rate and overall sales.

10. Keep Ads Fresh

Don’t led surfers that are being retargeted from getting bored from ads by ensuring that you rotate your retargeting ads frequently. Display ads not converting must be changed at once to test if you can improve your click-through rate. In brief you can build, and update the banners used for displaying ad campaigns. Moreover, you can test, measure and get benefitted from banner improvements, for creating more engaging ads.

11. Build Super-Charged Retargeting Ads

Online banner ads are only one part of the online marketing tree. Combine your retarget ads with other campaigns and marketing channels to get your message across. Several marketers have failed in creating a succinct omnichannel marketing strategy that’s well-executed and target prospects. You can also streamline an email marketing campaign with retargeting campaign, or use different channels like social media for running retarget campaigns to target your users wherever they are on the web.

Final Thoughts

Retargeting banner ad campaigns can be easy or advanced as you prefer. The key to making retargeting campaigns that rock is to make sure that you target the right people and build plenty of banner ads which are both attractive and innovative. Get in contact with us for more information about retargeting.

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