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Geohoney is the world's leading supplier of raw honey products with its primary focus on wild & monofloral honey. Being a global venture using patented agri-tech initiatives, Geohoney has multiplied the world's supply of raw, natural, and organic honey. Serving over 800 varieties of honey which are freshly harvested from our inimitable apiculture farms located in over 500 locations across the globe, Geohoney offers the purest bliss of nature in the most diverse forms and in the most dynamic ways. Furthermore, understanding the responsibility towards Mother Nature, Geohoney is a Green company that loves the planet and therefore contributes to the world's global efforts in saving the planet and tackling global warming and food security problems (click here for more information).

Keeping the eyes right on the target, Geohoney plans to boost honey production from 2 to 100 million metric tonnes by 2033 by integrating the latest AI technologies and innovations. Geohoney is committed to making authentic raw honey a key household commodity on par with other multipurpose strategic commodities. Geohoney aims to work on & set up monofloral agri-tech initiatives in 10,000 locations by 2030 and thus increasing the greeneries and oxygen on earth. Geohoney is not just a honey company; we are nature lovers and pioneers in green technologies working continuously to deploy strategic agricultural initiatives around the world.


Established in 2022, Grovay liberates art beyond its built and celebrates art in all its forms. Unlike others, Grovay values art for what it is worth, whether it is handcrafted or made by machines, a creative work of an individual or a team, artifact or mass-produced, modern or contemporary, tangible or digital. Art is invaluable for Grovay irrespective of how it is made and that makes Grovay a dynamic marketplace for art, luxury, and exquisite.

It is a wormhole to the culture of the world. Using art as a wagon to travel through time, from stone, ancient, middle to the modern and contemporary age, to different parts of the world like Greek, Roman, East Asian, Indian, African, Colonial to Islamic styles. One can buy, sell, and invest in all forms of art inclusive of ancient, modern, and digital art. Grovay also extends exclusive services like advisory valuation, estimation, replacement, and accreditation to artistic production from around the world, other than hosting competitive auctions and exhibitions. With Grovay, the world’s arts and cultures will have a new soul beyond your imagination.


Believing that it is history that carves out the fashion of the modern-day, Juolius was founded in 2015. Juolius draws inspiration, motivation, and our sophistication from history. With the love and passion for history and legends, Juolius is all about presenting the fashion trends of the past in a modern way bringing together the ideologies of various fashions together yet keeping them original.

Juolius is a combined curation of the histories of fashion across the world, the emergence of trends, the changing vision of people towards the watches they wear, the bags they carry, and the drapes they tie. They have always aided the paths to modern fashion. Juolius creates, manufactures, and sells along with the shipping of all the Juolius products including some from the top-notch exclusive brands like Hugo Boss, Burberry, Michael Kors, Fossil, Emporio Armani, and many others. Juolius re-defines fashion, luxury, and class in our niche products from eyewear, wall clocks, wallets, handbags, watches, perfumes, and jewelry to other accessories. Juolius tries to combine all the classic brands with the essence of the past to appreciate history as well as suit modern times.

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