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Interior Design


Maymoon Gulf Interior Design is an interior and architecture company founded in the year 2021 in Saudi Arabia by business tycoon Mr. Noor Mouqasil who is a prodigy in studying the relationship between people and spaces. It is envisioning the same that by scanning the client’s daily life Maymoon offers an aesthetic approach and a group of spatial solutions that encourage the dynamics of integration between individuals and living spaces.

The highly creative and innovative team of designers and architects puts the vision into use by scouting, procuring, and representing the most desirable furniture, accessories, and architectural finishes brands available within the global market to fit and adequate the KSA's local taste and desires. Whether a floor or a ceiling, a table or a chair, feature lighting, an artisanal item, designs, vivid sand classy decor, different furniture solutions, accessories, window treatments, rugs, and finishing materials alternatives or a finishing material, Maymoon Gulf Architect works with a pool of respected talent to find the right piece for any design context, so that they can help you in your hunt for the perfect furniture brand or manufacturer to personify the true reflection of your aesthetics.

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