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Analysis Of Web Design Dubai Price In 2020

Jun 30, 2020

Every time we start the procedure of building a good website, one question always tickle in our mind, what is the price for creating a new website in Dubai? Although it’s a difficult question to answer but we’ll try our level best to suitably answer this question.

To begin with, deciding the right budget for a website can be a cumbersome task, come 2020. As technologies evolve, the costs for creating a website have increased from a few hundred dirhams to thousands and even more. Before we get into how a website is priced and features influence this, there's no doubt that readers of this post just want to know how much a new website costs in Dubai.  So without further adieu, please see below:

Website Development Costs

For small businesses, website cost will be AED 15,000 and lead or conversion focused website will cost from AED 30,000, while a high-feature, complex website will be costing AED 50,000 and more.

But these costs are approximate values and the information below can be helpful to determine how the price gets influenced. Just like other products and services available in market there are lot of variables involved in the price of web design in Dubai.

Factors affecting web design price in Dubai are:

Total number of pages

Types of features

Technology used to edit website (the content management system)

Marketing features (CRM, Email Marketing, Personalization or Automation)

Website Content

The website price is dependent on these key elements that make your website and time it takes to create or implement them.

Which technology is suitable to build new website?

There is various web development technologies present but the most common platforms is ASP.net and PHP. We personally prefer PhP and this is where our strength lies. There are several other reasons for this but will mention a few:

The website is tailored exactly to your business.

The approach is completely scalable to match requirements now and in the future.

The technology applied is completely secure, therefore if hackers or viruses are trying to attack your site patches and updates to overcome these issues.  

The size of your new website

Size is important! Or so they say. The same applies with websites in Dubai. The size of the website is going to directly affect how long it takes to make and how much it will cost. If you have a 300 page website it will take much longer to build than a simple five page website.  Also, with a large website there may be interactivity and links between pages, which again makes the process more complicated and longer.

How new web design will be useful?

See basic corporate website may have 5 - 10 pages since and it’s a simple online brochure of the company demonstrating the company, staff, services/ products and contact details. Moreover bad designing and complicated structure will increase customers’ confusion let them choose your competitor on the Google.

The complexity of web design affects the price as image/text based websites are built faster than websites having every page hand drawn/designed. If the website is for showing your ability (companies providing services like branding) then a creative approach will be suitable to showcase your creativity and other important talents. Also ensure that good designing will allow your clients to experience you want them to decide better.


Two factors are crucial here; website function and communication with third parties.

The website function will impact the price; more complex - more expensive. E-commerce website is used as online store with many product categories, products, brands, sub-products involved; therefore a lot of work is required. They have the ability for clients to build their own profile and add their details. Afterwards customer wants to shop, therefore a payment gateway is also required for making actual payments. Lastly e-commerce websites need to consider is the security issue as transactions made here need to be safe and secure otherwise you will lose the trust of your customer.  Third party integration can often cause the cost to rise but the integration will mean automation for your business and less manual work which will free up your own resources to help you make more money!

Content Management System (CMS)

Been an overlooked prospect in the purchase process till now, but it’s one of the most crucial part of any website. This system allows edit or updating the information on website after launching.  Talking about the technologies of platform is extensive and leading players are companies like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and many more.

The best approach for this subject is considering who will manage the website after it’s launched. If the person is technical then any of above mentioned option could work. Moreover building a custom CMS is best in this case. A simple editor will allow you to click on what you want to change and then change it. Hassle-free!

In 2020, technology still evolves, and number of website content management systems gets on increasing.  While budget consideration impacts the CMS choice, it is important that businesses consider every possibility for selecting the best CMS.

Basic corporate websites

Basic corporate websites are often 5 - 10 pages long and quite simple in terms of features and functionality.  Its price range can be between AED 15,000 - 30,000 and delivery is made in less than 2 or 3 weeks.

Medium corporate sites

Medium corporate sites depend on some of above mentioned factors, but a 10 - 30 page website will cost AED 35,000 - 60,000 and you can expect delivery within 4 to 6 weeks.

Large corporate sites

Large corporate websites are interactive and highly functional; therefore pricing will be AED 60,000 and above.

You can have a detailed overview of e-commerce web design costs in our previous post.

Final Words...

Web design costs are hugely based on what your purpose. It is best to talk to an expert web design company and get a real cost evaluation of your project. Consider some key factors before selecting:

1. Profile and experience: Have a look at the company's profile and work they have accomplished. They will be useful for you to know how each one costs and why. You can also get a good idea of how they work.

2. Fit: Ensure complete transparency in communication so your selected web company can understand you and fit your ideas. If they don't come off as a potential partner to your business then they probably aren't the best fit.

3. Budget: Fix your budget on priority as professional web design companies have a budgeting formula in place. Also ask them to demonstrate how it works and how they calculate price.

4. Communication: Communication is the key and you need to make sure your web design company is based in and works in your region. If they outsource your work to other countries for budget cutting then you are likely to lose time (and money) in communication and your project will be delayed. Don't underestimate the value in being able to sit face to face with those actually working on your project!

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