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Global Analyst: An Inventory Tool To Help UAE Traders Grow

Jan 31, 2022

The UAE's economy has been rapidly rising for decades. As the country looks to fund the next stage of growth beyond fossil fuels, the time has come for the development and investment in trade stocks. To help UAE traders grow, a highly rated global brokerage firm Interactive Brokers Group brings its latest powerful tool, Global Analyst, to the UAE. 

This inventory tool permits worldwide investors among the global expatriate community and Emiratis, the same, to think about the relative valuations and monetary measurements of stocks universally in the complex, however rewarding, financial world. It is a helpful approach for investors to diversify their international portfolios and pick out companies with higher growth potential. However, before moving on to the benefits of this tool that can help UAE traders grow, it is essential to understand Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.

Interactive Brokers Group affiliates provide automated trade execution and guardianship of securities, commodities, and foreign exchange on more than 135 business markets in various nations and monetary forms, from a solitary IBKR Integrated Investment Account to customers worldwide. This group services individual financial investors, proprietary trading groups, hedge funds, financial advisors, and introducing brokers. After forty years of hard work and focus on automation and technology, the group has equipped its clients with a uniquely sophisticated platform to manage their investment portfolios. The group endeavors to treat their customers with advantageous execution prices and trading, research facilities and investment products, risk and portfolio management tools, all at low or no expense, positioning them to achieve superior returns on investments.

Perceiving that it can be challenging for financial investors to assess the general benefits of stocks traded in various currencies, Interactive Brokers have come out with this powerful tool having loads of benefits. Let us have a look at a few of them – 

  • This tool helps compare any number of stocks by different metrics in one of 27 currencies of the client's decision. 
  • It offers people the ease to trade and follow these stocks in their preferred currency, across the board account on one screen.
  • It provides an effortless search option by region, industry, country, market capitalization, and currency for the stocks.
  • This tool assists well in identifying undervalued stocks worldwide.
  • It is a beneficial & free-charge tool for investors running a quick search for international stock.

Significantly, such convenient tools come liberated from cost or at meager rates. Financial advisors in Dubai are assisting their clients in reaping the benefits of this too as it increases the value of the investment cycle. It is a mutually advantageous arrangement for the trading company in the arena where most online brokers charge high rates for fund management.

Interactive Brokers also offers various options to learn about trading and investing. From its Traders' Academy portal to content on the IBKR Quant blog, there is a wide assortment of composting material and accompanying video content, including quizzes.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of the B A Barry Group, Interactive Brokers is well-capitalized and regulated in nearly a dozen significant jurisdictions, making it a safe broker to hold your money. The UAE is generally acknowledged as a financial powerhouse that assists with forming the fortunes of the GCC nations and the more extensive Arab world. What's more, these significant changes to the trade sectors, joined with versatile inventory tools, technical education & help by a financial advisor, and ever-increasing market openness will underpin the growing fortunes of this dynamic economy.

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