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How We Evolved And Succeeded?

Nov 18, 2021

B A Barry Group

Development does not happen on its own; one has to make it happen. That’s what drives a multinational agglomeration like us to develop and deliver the best to the world from Dubai, UAE. The idea of making a difference in the world starts from knowing its diversity closely. Our founder Mr. Basem Barry has worked in top-tier multinational companies in Tokyo, Singapore, California, Australia, Riyadh and Dubai; keenly observed and experienced the diversity of the industries and founded BA Barry Group in 2017. The immense knowledge, experience and learning that he has garnered over the years have resulted in BA Barry championing in the banking and logistics industries for over 25 years. It is all that accumulated expertise, appreciation, and credibility won over the years that we are broadening our horizon in dealing with beauty and personal care accessories, readymade garments, assembling and manufacturing watches and clocks, novelties, food and beverages, home appliances, household electrical appliances, and mobile phones and accessories. Our team of proficient business analysts and business consultants in Dubai make our vision possible by making robust business strategies with their insight into the industry over the years. 

B A Barry is the penultimate example of sheer dedication to making the trade sphere better and equitable for everyone. We support a simple product, company or product line with a distinct identity by building it as a brand. We ensure that your establishment stands out in the global crowd by developing your brand positioning by doing a comprehensive business strategy that includes product packaging, logistics, targeting client groups, marketing strategy and maintaining quality. We are proud of our legacy in branding businesses which has benefited more than 669 clients. Most of our businesses come from the reference made by our old and existing clients, which validates the faith bestowed upon our work. 

Our dynamic workforce deals in design and architecture, gifts and stationeries, furniture and accessories, oriental and ethnic products, novelties and crafts, mosaics and conventional products, media and publications, beauty care, cultural and educational products, garments and fabrics, food and beverages, honey and bee products, jewelry and gems, perfumes and cosmetics, consumable goods and pharmaceuticals. 

We have envisioned a world where quality services and products are accessible to everyone. Therefore we have collaborated with other dynamic companies and continue to do the same on our path to fulfill that vision. 

We utilize our high niche resources and hands-on relationship, coupled with sophisticated operations to negotiate and smoothly settle significant and high volume contractual arrangements involving raw and strategic goods (sugar, rice, coffee, honey, tea, wheat flour, olive oil and sunflower oil, tuna and many other strategic food items) and metals (precious stones, iron, copper, mercury, steel and others) stocklot deals, as well as Mergers & Acquisitions. Delivering equity, we also resolve obstacles related to payments, logistics, and governance complications. 


Did you know that to make 1 pound of honey, the bees in a colony must visit 2 million flowers, fly across 55,000 miles, and it will be the lifetime work of approximately 768 bees. It is the hard work over a lifetime of bees, the resilience of nature that makes honey so unique. Honey is indeed the mysterious syrup of nature, as mentioned in holy texts like the Torah, the Quran, the Bible, the Rigveda and many more. However, the world is substantially unaware of all the benefits that God’s share of sugar has. BA Barry wishes to increase the world honey supply from 2 million metric tons to 100 million metric tons in 2030. To have a strong foothold in the honey industry Geohoney was established to cater honey to the world in more than 20,000 varied ways. Our products are prepared from the finest and unique varieties of poly floral and monofloral honey-like: including Acacia honey, Yemen Sidr honey, Manuka honey, White honey Oak honey, Buckwheat honey and many more. We believe in awarding people and bringing them closer to nature; hence we provide comprehensive booklets on different types of honey-like Black seeds honey, Cave honey, Elvish honey, Tualang honey, Wildflower honey. With our agri-tech initiatives, using the latest technologies and digital services, we ensure to procure the virtues of nature in the most hygienic, best quality honey at its purest form. Our apiaries are built to retain freshness. All the natural attributes of honey and only farm fresh quality are delivered to you. We also provide products like royal jelly and bee pollen grains that give your health a boost of nutrients, making a robust immunity. Our products work on your health like a spell, the goodness ranging from the respiratory system, muscles, digestive system, circulatory system, bones and joints, heart, lungs, brain, liver and kidney, fertility, skin, and more. The best feature is that you can shop on our website, as per your health requirement. Thanks to our cogent team dedicated to research and development, we explore more boons of honey every day.

Furthermore, we are vigorously contributing to sustainable development by saving honeybees. Our business is habitable for nature. We offer more than 200 counting variants of honey at competitive prices. Check our online store for the sweetest share of nature. 


Reflecting on our name, we are all about blending classic feels, modern approaches, fancy artistry and making ancient vogue. We draw inspiration from Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Harappans and Romans and sort everything for you from wall clocks and watches, handbags and wallets, perfumes, jewelry, eyewear, masks and caps. The love and passion of our founders for history, legends, myths and lores are unmatched. Our assemblage is lined up with brands like Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Fossil, Emporio Armani, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Diesel and many more. We understand that shopping for premium products after visiting multiple stores and websites can be exhausting; therefore, Juolious makes it easy for you by bringing all premium brands under one roof.

And what’s more exciting is that you can shop by brand; that is, you don’t have to scroll through the chaos to buy what you want endlessly. You look for it; you like it, you buy it. With fast shipping, easy returns, a one-year international warranty, devoted aftersale and secured payment, we provide you with a shopping experience better than ever before. So come and look at our online shop for the vintage vogue of yesterday that makes fashion statements today. 


We are a multinational company based in Saudi Arabia, creating and exploring everything our eyes catch and yours. From perfumes, watches, accessories to apparel, we bring exclusivity in everything that we touch. With the ceaseless ideas of our team, we also develop your brand positioning by optimizing the logistics, product packaging, targeting client groups, marketing strategy and maintaining quality. In furtherance to that, we showcase our exuberance in beauty with Maymoon Gulf interior designs architectured by Mr. Nooi Mouqasil, delving into the relationship shared by people and spaces and giving it an aesthetic blend since 2021. We bring our customers the best lavish homestyle by scouting, procuring, and representing chic, trendy, stylish, elegant designs. Whether working closely with designers and architects to satisfy our clients’ creative and aesthetic needs and vision or customizing existing designs to revamp the decor, be it furniture, ceiling, lighting or artisanal item, we deliver the vibrancy to the place you call yours. Everything from nature to landscape, from starry nights to desert rain, from marine beauty to the exuberance of the jungle inspires us to bring you solutions related to home accessories, window treatments, rugs and finishing material alternatives. With our eye for detailing, creativity and innovation, we alter, build and assemble craft and art in home and commercial spaces. Being an advocate of craftsmanship, luxury, style, and comfort, persevere in aiding start-ups in showcasing their world-class products better to grasp or impact their target market. All our operations are built on the three pillars of time, cost and quality. Hence, we deliver our projects successfully in the committed time frame, serving in a cost-effective and budget-friendly way in our standard quality, which is impeccable and exceptional, making the worth of every penny you spend.

RPA Technologies Private Limited

We are a full-service web design & development agency having robust experience in offering e-commerce, web & graphic design, digital marketing, custom software & app development services to global clients. With a solid foundation for more than 8 years, we have been a team of pioneers having strong expertise in delivering innovative solutions to meet all digital challenges. Our consistency and growth in the ever-growing industry steered us to accomplish numerous projects for our satisfied clients from all over the world. We are specialized in offering exceptional & affordable services to help you climb up the target market making your business great.

Therefore, with a team of business setup consultants in Dubai exceptionally well versed with the industry, expertise and experience of over 25 years, faith and satisfaction of our diverse clients, B A Barry continually explores lucrative business opportunities, building its realm and your brand so that you never cease to grow and in the ceaseless global market. As a result, we are building a legacy of innovation, creativity, commitment, integrity, satisfaction, experience, expertise and holistic business.

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