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Know The Cost Of Setting Up An Ecommerce Business In Dubai

Apr 13, 2021

Global online business industry is growing at a rapid rate. The Middle East and UAE in particular have gigantic unopened e-commerce business potential. This area is still at the phase of advancement and provides an ideal opportunity to occupy your niche in the Emirates' online market. 

Ecommerce businesses specially have a bright future in Dubai. The key benefit of this market is that it offers limitless opportunities to develop online stores surprisingly fast and have them quickly connected with different payment partners. One has to no longer spend time in registering the company, getting a license and in other activities associated with setting up a business in Dubai. 

Dubai being the pioneer in everything new opens its gates to all sorts of online businesses. With perks such as heightened infrastructure, simple business set up, connectivity, unparalleled business support, favorable government incentives, and many more, Dubai comes with a plethora of ecosystem services that provide your business the extra push it needs to flourish. Yet, setting up a business can end up being an unwieldy errand as the expense of setting up an e-commerce business in Dubai is one of the significant hindrances for both the established businesses and more for the startups. 

Nonetheless, if the business investor has a clear thought regarding the costs that will be brought about to set up a business in Dubai it can make the whole cycle a lot simpler and smooth. While choosing to set up a business in Dubai, an investor has mainly two options either to choose Mainland or any of the Free zones. The expense brought about relies upon the decision made by the investor. Before knowing about the costs of business setup, let us quickly have a look at the advantages associated with business setup in Dubai – 

(1) Low operating expense

(2) Minimal taxation on capital investment and income

(3) 100% company ownership

(4) Duty-free import-export

(5) Developing business environment

(6) Supporting government law

Cost Related to Setting up a Business In – 


The expenses of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland rely upon the nature of business, visa expenses, and lease or purchasing cost of office space. Starting a business in Mainland accompanies the obligatory government expenses for legal officials, charges to local agents, permit, and enrollment at the public authority office alongside the lawful interpretations.

Such expenses can be charged one time or can likewise be charged every year. The subsequent obligatory charge that must be paid by the investor is the Visa expenses that will be charged every three years. In addition, an investor should pay a yearly sponsorship expense, once legitimate charges and, business property expense alongside the visa cost per individual.

A one-time expense for getting approval from DED (Department of Economic Development) is paid for getting a permit. At the point when the name is picked, a one-time charge is paid.


Freezones offer great benefits and thus is the most sought out business setup structures. One of its key benefits is 100% foreign proprietorship, an advantage of claiming 100% portions of the organization regardless of being a foreign national in UAE.

This permits the expat investor to set up an organization in any of UAE's 45 free zones and get full proprietorship, 0% duty on corporate pay, 0% assessment on personal income and 100% repatriation of capital assets. Beside this, company owners additionally appreciate monetary protection, free exchange of assets and specific advantages relying upon business action. Free zone permits should be renewed every three year.

Office space cost can differ concerning the zone you select. Each zone has its own arrangement of rules and the costs can contrast inconceivably. An expense is charged against the enlistment of your organization with the free zone authority. Contingent upon the kind of business and the free zone chosen, the expense can fluctuate inconclusively.

The visa cost is additionally a one-charge to give the candidate the lawful status of investor and the authenticity of practicing business in the free zone. For worker visas, the cycle is quicker than Mainland LLC however the quantity of visas is restricted to the size of the organization.

Concluding Thoughts

By setting up a new e-commerce business in Dubai, you can take advantage of the immense chances that exist in the Middle East. Dubai has an enormous, profoundly associated populace with various government-drove activities that will support online business growth. Get in touch with the best business setup company and get professional services that will help your business reach the zenith of success. 

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