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List Of Top Investment Companies That You Can Choose For Your Business Needs

Feb 25, 2021

Investment is one of the most crucial and thoughtful things. Taking the decision of investing your assets or trading should be done with a lot of research and study. The investment market of UAE is expanding exponentially and is moving towards the global hub of investment. 

As the place varies, so does the pattern of investment. If you live in Dubai or are looking for top investment companies in Dubai, this blog will list the best options for you. 

Best Investment Companies In Dubai:-

(1) B A Barry Group

Experience is the first thing to look for when searching for the best investment company in Dubai. BA Barry Group is a company to rely on as they have expertise and knowledge in the field of investment. Grabbing immense skills by working in various countries, the company has an impressive and promising portfolio.

With over 14000+ happy clients and managing the assets of 796,533,587 USD, BA Barry has grown into various sectors providing services in the trade and business scheme dealing, food tufts, beverages, home appliances, etc. They have also established a team of world-class business analysts who focus on developing effective business strategies, targeting client groups, and ensuring quality.

(2) Binghatti Holding

Binghatti Folding is an investment holding company acclaimed internationally, headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The company's prime focus is on potential projects in the field of hospitality, real estate, education, industrial construction, and FMCG sectors. 

The company's primary concentration includes Hotelling, art curation, food & beverages, sales, marketing sectors, etc. Binghatti Holding is a renowned name in Dubai with 40 projects of value more than AED 3.5 Billion. 

(3) Mubadala Investment

Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's led to the imagination and formation of this company. Mubadala Investment focuses on providing economic growth and stability to Abu Dhabi people and does projects that will benefit them in the long run. 

Establishing a well-known base in the investment sector, Mubadala has expanded to 13 sectors in 30 countries. The responsibilities involve developing international industrial champions in renewable energies, metal, mining, financial holding management, semiconductors, and aerospace. 

(4) Mubarak and Brothers Investments or MBI

Investment companies should have a broad perspective of covering a wide range of sectors. Mubarak and Brothers Investment has focused on various industries that include Real Estate, F&B, engineering services, education etc. The company has catered vast knowledge and developed expertise, which will boost Abu Dhabi and UAE's development.

MBI was founded in 2003 and is a company with principles of integrity and transparency. They have successfully made a name in the retail and real estate industry. By winning clients' trust, they have expanded their business by adding more businesses to their core company. They are therefore marked as one of the top investment companies in Dubai.

(5) AI Tamimi Investments (ATI)

Al Tamimi Investment is a company with an impressive portfolio of having experience in business and partnerships. The company's operation is throughout the Arabian Gulf, the United States, and Middle East Area.

The goal of the company is to accept every challenge and convert it into a great business opportunity. It also tries to shake hands with beneficial partnerships that can be of mutual benefit. They have established their name as an impactful investment company, and so it tries to provide unique solutions to every business.

Concluding Thoughts

Dubai has become the favorite location for people to expand their businesses. Many people look for good investment companies to help them explore the vast chances of growth and development in Dubai. Deciding to invest in the right place should be taken wisely as it will also give you long-term benefits. Choose a company that has excellent experience, good reviews, and an impressive portfolio.

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