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Shopify Plus: Reasons For Being Ideal E-commerce Development Platform

Aug 21, 2020

The smooth operation of the e-commerce store is challenging, especially when it's called for customer acquiring and revenue generation. However, you need to be cautious in mind while selecting the e-commerce platform. A few significant problems need constant attention include conversion optimization, customer engagement and retention, omnichannel integration, search engine presence, scalability, and continuous growth. 

With many e-commerce web development platforms to select choose from, searching for the appropriate solution in compliance with the existing business model and purposes needs careful thought. Those already having a trial of any e-commerce web development platform are much aware of Shopify and its amazing features. Being easy to set up and use, it ensemble absolute security and scalability along with a massive set of customizable features.

Millions of stores running on Shopify are evidence of platforms' success, and surprisingly new additions in this number are proliferating. Apart from incredible features and immense popularity, one more thing making Shopify stay ahead from its competitors is a continual focus on being better. The introduction of Shopify Plus, a few years back, was a significant step in this direction as the e-commerce web development platform got more advanced beyond the conventions. 

Here's a list of some viable factors for considering Shopify Plus for the development of its online store in 2020 and beyond.

#1: Great Functionality

The biggest attraction of Shopify Plus is the ease of use despite greater functionality and customization. It's another reason why e-commerce business owners prefer this platform. Here you require managing the store to surpass the problem of order processing and maintain your store up for smooth running. Prominent features, including products, customer records, orders, apps, and reports are accessible on the dashboard. Adding products, order handling, and settings management can occur within a few clicks.

#2: Highly Customizable

The availability of several attractive themes is ready to use, and plenty of customization options enable you to create their own. Shopify Plus allows absolute customization abilities for businesses looking to have advanced functionality and aesthetics. The themes available here are fully-responsive for ensuing seamless mobile experiences. Also, there is a newly added feature called "Sections" that renders hassle-free customization of the look and feel of your e-commerce store. 

#3: Amazing Scalability

This platform is tailored specifically to cater to large enterprise and upcoming online brands' requirements, giving the ultimate reason for unlimited scalability. Being a fully-hosted SaaS platform, it's equipped with powerful servers capable of handling millions of hits per second and thousands of orders per minute. Also, there is an unlimited bandwidth with a storage capacity of 200 TB.

#4: Checkout Page Customization

Another feature is unlimited customization of the shopping experience; however, much cannot be done about the actual checkout process. Since there is a scope of visual customizations in the checkout process available, functionality customization is not possible with standard Shopify accounts. However, Shopify Plus offers the customization of the standard checkout into single, 3-page, or more. 

#5: Myriad Integrations

This platform is highly popular due to the capability of hassle-free integration with third-party platforms. You can search for a vast number of apps that can help enhance shopping experiences. These apps are useful in sustaining the diverse aspects of business operations - customer service, marketing, inventory control, and more.

#6: Mobile Store Builder

Since mobile phones are becoming a prime selling channel, developing a mobile-first e-commerce experience is getting mandatory. Hiring Shopify development experts will play a crucial role in ensuring mobile responsiveness, page load speed, and compelling mobile experience on every available device. The mobile store builder also provides the facility of native iOS and Android apps development without any coding experience.

#7: Operational Automation

The new flow feature available on this platform is the beginning of a simple and time-saving online store automation for customer, inventory, and order management and easy integration of essential external tools. This Flow is useful to construct, configure, and import business logic and automation processes, along with agility required for building backend customizations to increase productivity.

#8: Wholesale Management

Management of the administration process in an e-commerce store is highly tricky. Shopify Plus offers a complete platform that helps business owners launch a separate B2B website from the same account. You can also add features like shipping rules, the custom price per buyer, and bulk discounts, and wholesale-only products and review/edit the orders before invoicing.

#9: Promotional Tools

Here you get Launchpad - smart promotional tool for automation of all essential activities for campaign execution, including the flash sale or product launch. You can also schedule bulk changes in an online store that coincide from beginning to end in the campaign.

#10: Globalization

Last but not least, Shopify Plus offers the facility of taking your business into the international market by having additional stores on subdomains without any extra fee. Not only these stores provide a personalized experience but can be set easily according to a specific currency, language, and trends associated with the same demographics.


We have tried to cover all the essential benefits of Shopify Plus; you can select the platform for building a highly functional e-commerce store from scratch or migrate the existing store into this version. If you are willing to compare Shopify Plus with Magento or any other development platform, the discussed features deserve to have a closer look. These help head start a store that is not only future-ready but also delivers excellent shopping experiences. At BA Barry, we provide robust e-commerce web development on leading e-commerce development platforms. You can connect with us to hire a dedicated development team and get started with your Shopify Plus journey.

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