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10 Automated Software Testing Tools You Must Have

Jun 30, 2020

We are in an era of automation where application gets developed specifically for the work to be done easily and efficiently. One must agree that we are highly dependent on minimizing our work efforts with the help of various tools. The rising demand for automation is more in software testing industry where they check-out every software or application testing communities. These software testers urge for various tools that can be helpful in their testing activities - web testing, desktop testing, regression testing, browser testing, web services and API testing, and many more.

Here's an overview of some trending software testing automation tools to help all the software testers out there.

1. TestingWhiz

It is a test automation tool equipped with code-less scripting by Cygnet Infotech, a CMMi Level 3 IT solutions provider. The enterprise edition provide various automated testing solutions like web testing, software testing, API testing, database testing, mobile app testing, cross-browser testing, regression test suite maintenance, optimization, and automation.

Other important features are:

Browser Extension Testing

Centralized Object Repository

Version Control System Integration

Customized Recording Rule

Keyword-driven, data-driven testing, and distributed testing

Object Eye Internal Recorder

SMTP Integration

Integration with bug tracking tools like Jira, Mantis, TFS and FogBugz

Integration with test management tools like HP Quality Center, Zephyr, TestRail, and Microsoft VSTS

2. Selenium

This is another testing framework for performing web application testing across several browsers and platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It helps a tester to write tests in various programming languages like Java, PHP, C#, Python, Groovy, Ruby, and Perl.

The platform supports largest browser vendors ensuring they have Selenium as a native part of their browser.

3. HPE Unified Functional Testing (HP – UFT formerly QTP)

Formerly known HP QuickTest Professional offers testing automation for regression and functional testing. The availability of Visual Basic scripting language in this tool to register the test processes and operates the various objects for controlling testing the applications.

Other features are:

Unique Smart Object Recognition

Automated documentation

Error handling mechanism

Creation of parameters for objects, checkpoints, and data-driven tables

Integration with Mercury Business Process Testing and Mercury Quality Center

4. TestComplete

This is another testing platform offering several solutions to automate testing for desktop, web, and mobile applications by SmartBear Software.

TestComplete offers the following features:

GUI testing

Test recording and playback

Test visualize

Scripted testing

Scripting Language Support – JavaScript, Python, VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script & C#Script

5. Sahi

It is a testing automation tool for automate web applications testing. Here Sahi is written in Java and JavaScript programming languages.

Other features include:

Supports ExtJS, ZK, Dojo, YUI, etc. frameworks

Record and playback on the browser testing

Performs multi-browser testing

6. Ranorex

This tool offers several testing automation functions covering desktop testing, web testing, and mobile applications testing.

Some other features include:

Bug detection

Record and playback

GUI recognition

Reusable test codes

Integration with various tools

7. Watir

Another open-source testing tool built of Ruby libraries to automate web application testing also named as “water.”

The other features include:

Tests any language-based web application

Compatibile business-driven development tools like RSpec, Cucumber, and Test/Unit

Tests web page’s buttons, forms, links, and their responses

Cross-browser testing

8. Tosca Testsuite

Developed by Tricentis, this tool uses model-based test automation for automating software testing. Some other capabilities include:

Test data provisioning

Service virtualization network

Plan and design test case

Tests mobile apps

Integration management

Risk coverage

9. Katalon Studio

It’s a free automation testing solution by Katalon LLC.  This software was developed on roots of open-source automation frameworks like Appium, Selenium with complete IDE interface for API, web and mobile testing. It also includes complete package of powerful features to surpass common challenges in web UI test automation.

Other features include:

Supports Java/Groovy scripting languages

Built-in support for Image-based testing

Supports Duel-editor Interface

Customizable execution workflow

Built-in object repository, XPath, object re-identification

Support Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins & TeamCity

10. Telerik TestStudio

This tool offers complete solution for automating desktop, web, and mobile application testing including UI, load, and performance testing.

Other compatibilities include:

Integration with Visual Basic Studio 2010 and 2012

Integration with bug tracking tools

Support of programming languages like HTML, AJAX, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Silverlight, WPF, and MVC

Record and playback

Cross-browser testing

Manual testing


There is several automated software testing tools available in the software testing industry. So which one do you use? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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