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5 Digital Transformations in 2020 for Enterprises Tech Priorities

Jul 30, 2020

Digitalization has transformed enterprises in unprecedented ways and has also become a key differentiator in the current years among the enterprises. With 2020 marking the year of recession and depreciation, it is also essentially a year to encourage the adoption of digital technologies to enhance the growth of the enterprises related to any industry. Moreover, with the advancement in the varied technical aspects of the digital world, it is now possible to introduce small and mid-sized businesses to step into the realm of investment in the digital market. With the availability of more affordable and easy-to-use platforms for technological transformation, it is evident to envision a futuristic model with the digital market taking over. Besides, there are multiple options for digital transformation investment; some are better and more fruitful than others. Here is a list to help you decide your tech priorities as per your own requirements, saving you from the unwanted traps that technology can get you. 

Multi-cloud Environments

A multi-cloud environment allows an enterprise to use more than one cloud platform with a dedicated application or service. A multi-cloud can be comprised of private, public, and edge clouds to achieve the enterprise end goals. Enterprises are witnessing a gradual shift towards multi-cloud environments or hybrid computing as it is more affordable than dealing with a single cloud vendor. Moreover, applications are more portable than ever before with the introduction of these clouds for enterprises. Well, it is not as easy as it seems to be. The challenge is how to manage multiple clouds as you may end up facing several complexities while transferring the work within the cloud environment. API-led application development, Containerization, microservices, dockers, and Kubernetes prove to be the solutions. 

Big Data and Business Analytics

To get ahead in the business, big data and business analytics are the tools one must consider adding to the existing technology stack. Increasing volumes, velocity, veracity, and variety of data that dwell into the enterprises at an alarming rate in unstructured formats are definitely useful but not in their available form. Big Data and Analytics is is an investment that enterprises must invest in considering the future growth aspect. This technology also allows you to analyze the sales and increase them gradually by using this technology. 


Surprisingly, blockchain technology is no longer just confined to cryptocurrency and payments. Instead, blockchain is being used for various purposes, for example, in contract management for the real estate industry, etc. 


Everything-as-a-Service, popularly known as XaaS, gained momentum in 2020, and you must have it in your digital transformation list. While the evolution of onsite, offsite, hybrid, and cloud models will continue, IT services will now be available as a holistic package. Whether you want big data, analytics, blockchain, and more with on-premises service models, you can get them from expert providers.

Consumer Experience

Enterprises demanding to gain better profits and sales need to focus on creating personalized experiences for their consumers, a user-friendly one that they can relate to. However, a large number of applications which are interlinked like the ones used for managing inventories, the websites, the e-commerce platform you use creates a hindrance to this process and even cause a great deal of complexity, if things don't fall in a simplified manner. Additionally, they may create issues for customers or website visitors during purchases just for a small glitch. Enterprises need to ensure that there shift to digital platforms is easily accessible to the widest audience and is also user-friendly, not only for the consumers but also for themselves, in general. They must attend to all the consumer expectations and must focus on delivering the best outputs based on feedbacks. 

Adopting these tech priorities is just a single step towards the digital transformation, what follows next will be more challenging- the data security, the data breaches, the authentic accesses, etc. But it is essential to initiate today. The seeds must be sown of digital transformations now to reap the benefits and decrease the complexities of the futuristic models you may have for your enterprise. Evidently, no one can deny that it is the era of digital multiplicity and technological innovations in every industry, and there is no exception to this. We, at B A Barry Group, understand all such needs and are well-equipped with the skills needed to make your digital transformation journey smooth with innovation, integration, and implementation. Being in this arena for around a decade now, we emerge each day as a more trustworthy partner for your technological solution introduction and transformations. Connect with us to digitally transform your enterprise. 

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