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5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Financial Advisor In UAE

Feb 08, 2021

Earning a good amount of money and knowing where to invest in order to get good returns is not something everyone is good at. One cannot be a good money maker and financial advisor for themselves, and that is why we need good financial advisory firms.

If you are living and earning in Dubai, you might be looking for financial advisory firms in Dubai that can help you in dealing with the complexities of investment. A financial advisor is a partner whom you can blindly trust for your investments, but to gain that trust, you have to find out the qualities that a good financial advisor has.

Why Do We Need A Financial Advisor?

When we can earn money, we know how to spend it well. This is a common perception that people have, and they do not hire an advisor. Just like an engineer cannot perform medical operations similarly, we need professional guidance in financial matters.

Apart from making money, we also try to save it by investing in long-term plans, investments, budgets, tax strategies, schemes, and insurance. But one needs to be assured that their money won’t get lost.

The best financial advisors in Dubai will guide you by observing the current situations and evaluate the scenario for future goals and investments.

Responsibilities Of A Financial Advisor

You might have retirement plans, but the way that leads to the execution might be blurry. Seeking help from a good financial expert will make your future secure. Let’s know what are the roles a financial advisor plays.

  • Your financial advisor might sound like your teacher. He might brief you about the market and how to plan things.
  • Your advisor will cover topics like how much money you should save, where you should invest (long term and short term), and the insurances you should take.
  • Keeping a check on clients and discussing future plans and goals.

Clearly, a financial advisor should be a person whom you can have faith in. Also, the knowledge and experience should be key points you should keep in mind while selecting one for yourself.

Always Look For These Qualities In Your Financial Advisor

1. Do They Have A Licensed Company

There are three major regulators in this area, they are:-

  • Insurance Authority: Your regulator must have contacts with the insurance companies and insurance-based companies. The health sector is not included in this.
  • Securities and commodities authority: The regulators performing in this area have knowledge about the fund houses, stockbrokers, traders, and investment advisors.
  • Dubai Financial Services Authority: This is the best regulator in the organization and consumer protection.

2. Look For Their Qualifications

If your advisor is well qualified, then only they can give the best piece of advice to you. Do not hesitate to ask for their qualification before giving your future in their hands.

  • Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments – As the name suggests, they are usually acquired by the investment and wealth managers.
  • Chartered Insurance Institute - This is a well-known accreditation for financial planners in the UK. In the UAE, it will become a requirement for people who are regulated by the IA if you are clueless about how to choose your financial advisor to go for advisors with level 4 (Ofqual).

CFP Board: CFP is an internationally acknowledged certified financial planning qualification. This is considered a good qualification that you can look for in your financial advisor.

If you come across names that put ‘chartered’ before their name, then they have qualified and reached the topmost of the qualifications.

3. Check If They Have A Good Reputation

A person might be well qualified, but sometimes the clients still might not be happy with them. You can know their reputation online by looking for feedback and reviews on Google, LinkedIn, Company Website and on other social media platforms.

4. How Much The Entire Process Costs

A good piece of advice might be expensive, but you should know how much is the average cost to pay and not get cheated.

There are two ways by which financial advisors in UAE charge:-

  • Fees - The advisors who take fees are considered to be more reliable and responsible in advising you things financially good for you.
  • Commission: People working on a commission basis have often been accused of acting like salespeople. 

However, there are decent people who take commission and work well. 

5. How Will The Financial Advisor Proceed?

If you have no clue how things will proceed, here is a list your advisor will prepare:-

  • Based on your information given, they will prepare a presentation that will cover your financial position, family, and goals. If you agree and decide to proceed further with your advisor, you might have to plan a meeting annually or twice a year.
  • Since you might not be aware of all the terms used in the financial field, your advisor might try to manipulate you, so try finding one who is genuine and trustworthy.

Choosing the best financial advisor might be a tedious job but worth it. You cannot hand over your money to anyone but the best in the business. Look for the best financial advisor in UAE to secure your future.

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